Poor Blackberry and Spotty were returned to us after four years, because the new husband was allergic to hay.  They’re a sweet pair who are calmer than some of their younger peers, though both love to run and play.  Spotty is the more curious of the two, while Blackberry is perhaps more affectionate.  These middle-aged beauties have several good years ahead of them, and they’d make a perfect first pair for someone who might not want the 10-14 year commitment of a young rabbit.  Both are healthy, neutered, and litterbox trained.

If you would like to meet them, contact us!

Jan 232014

This cutie is Cecile.  She was born in late May 2014, and a Good Samaritan found her hopping down the street by herself a few weeks later.  She had a broken front tooth and an bad abscess from the break, so the poor thing had to have several surgeries while she was just a baby.  Now, she’s all better!

Cecile is an absolute love bug, who will let me hold her forever; she’s even gone shopping with me a few times!  She’s comfortable with quiet dogs, and she’s super soft, even for a bunny!  Wouldn’t you like a nice bunny lap warmer to relax with in the evenings?

Contact bananasforbunnies@gmail.com.

Jan 142011


What in the world is that huge, white ball of blur that just zoomed by?  It’s AVALANCHE! 

Avalanche is a big ‘ol BWB (big white bunny – my favorite breed!), whose official breed is actually American Heritage White, which is a RARE  breed!  He’s mellow and fun-loving, almost more dog than rabbit.  However, don’t be fooled by this dignified photo; he loves to dance, leap and zoom around, and he likes nose rubs, too.Av’s ~ two or three years old, neutered, and ready to go.  Come meet him!e-mail bananasforbunnies@gmail.com

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