Keeping Things Clean

Cleanser:  The safest cleaning solution you can use is vinegar diluted 3:1 with water:  one part vinegar to three parts water.  Put the mixture in a spray bottle for ease of use in cleaning the cage, the litter box, or the floor, and you can soak the litter box in the vinegar solution to get rid of stains.  Be aware that many other kinds of cleansers and disinfectants may be toxic for your rabbit.  However, you can soak plastic items in bleach if they need to be disinfected, as long as you let them air out well before returning the items to your bunny.  Simple Green is a non-toxic cleanser that you can use, too, as long as you let things air dry before using them again.  Finally, Nature’s Miracle is great for cleaning pet stains on the carpet:  blot up as much of the urine as you can, then soak the area with undiluted Nature’s Miracle and let it air dry.   Do everything you can to get rid of the smell completely, because if another animal happens past that spot and smells it, he may consider that an invitation to mark it too!

The Litter Box:  Change the litter box at least twice a week.  The cleaner you keep the box and the rabbit area, the more likely it will be that your bunny will use the box.  We like to sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the litter box to help absorb odors;  next, we line it with a couple sections of newspaper, which will make cleaning much easier.  Top the paper with a 1/2 inch or so of litter, then finish off with a generous handful of hay on one side.  Morning and evening, toss any leftover clean hay over the poops and put another handful of fresh hay on the “clean” side of the box. 

Water:  Change the water every day, and wash the water bowl often.  Mold that grows on a dirty bowl can kill your little one.

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