Litter Box Training

Is your bunny neutered?  If not, that’s the first thing to do!!!


Bunnies are very clean animals, and it’s really easy to litter box train them.  When you first introduce your rabbit to his new pen, he’ll choose a corner to “go” in.  Put the litter box there, and for the next few days, make a concerted effort to clean up any stray poops or puddles, using your vinegar solution to get rid of any odors.  Most neutered rabbits will need only a few days to learn how to use their boxes appropriately.

That being said, rabbits are territorial, and they will mark their areas with poops at first.  Just sweep ’em up, and he should stop marking in a day or two.

Once he’s got the hang of things in his pen, you can give him more space to roam, but don’t overwhelm him with the whole house all at once.  Start with part of the family room, perhaps adding an extra litter box or two to help him get started.  If you see him raise his tail to pee, scoop him up quickly and put him in his box, and if he makes a mistake, clean it up quickly and thoroughly, but never berate your pet.  That won’t help anything.  Once he’s got this area down pat, you can extend his free space even further if you’d like, removing any extra litter boxes as you see fit.

Common Problems

  • Peeing in One Spot of the House:  If your rabbit insists on peeing in a certain spot of your house, the easiest solution is to put a litter box there.  If that’s not feasible, try cleaning that area extra thoroughly, because there’s probably some leftover smell from a prior animal, and your bunny is marking his territory.
  • Tossing Litter out of the Box:  Some bunnies just LOVE to dig.  If yours is digging in his box and strewing litter and hay everywhere, try getting a taller box.  There are also attachments you can buy that clip onto the top of your box, curving the box inward at the top and (hopefully) precluding your bunny from tossing stuff out.

One of my rabbits will dig out his litter as soon as the box is remotely dirty, so I have to change his box every day.  You can try that, too.

  • Peeing over the Side of the Box:  Some bunnies get in a very high stance when they pee, and the pee shoots over the back of the litter box.  Try getting a taller box, and clean it often enough so that it doesn’t pile up with hay.
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