a.Is a rabbit right for you?

Thinking about adopting a rabbit?


Before you take the big step, please consider the following:

  • An adult MUST be the primary caretaker. You may be the lucky parent who has an especially responsible child who will give the bunny good care, even after the “honeymoon” is over. However, most kids will act like kids and begin to neglect the animal, and the adults must be ready and willing to step in at that point. If the adults in the house aren’t eager to care for a house rabbit, you should probably consider something else.
  • House rabbits can live 10-14 years. Will you want a bunny in your life in 10 years? If not, consider a pet with a shorter life span.
  • Everyone in your household should want a rabbit in the family.
  • Rabbits chew. There’s no getting around it. Dogs bark; cats scratch; rabbits chew. Some rabbits chew more than others, and you can do some things to prevent unwanted nibbling, but the fact is that you will probably have nibble marks on your chair legs whereever the bunny is free to hop around. Any rooms in which your bunny is allowed to roam should be bunny-proofed, and any precious furniture should be moved elsewhere.
  • Rabbits are considered exotic animals and their veterinary care can be expensive:  bills may reach hundreds of dollars.  Are you prepared to provide this level of care, should it become necessary for your pet?
  • Is anyone in your home allergic to hay or to rabbits?
  • Do you have space for a large cage or x-pen, plus supplies?
  • Do you have animals who could endanger the rabbit?
  • Will you be able to supervise any children around this rabbit?
  • If you’re a renter, are you allowed to have rabbits in your home?
  • If you move, get married, have a baby, or if the kids lose interest, are you prepared to keep your rabbit?
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