Is your rabbit neutered?  If not, that’s the first thing to do, and it may fix the problem all by itself!

If it doesn’t:

In general, peeing and spraying are territorial behaviors.  Like many animals, rabbits will mark their territory by peeing and pooping at their borders.  They may also spray when confronted with a strange rabbit.  Intact (not neutered) rabbits are much more inclined to do this, and the younger an animal is when neutered, the less likely he will be to develop this behavior.  So, the first thing to do is get your rabbit neutered: both boys and girls.  Both sexes will mark, and both will benefit from the surgery.  It will take a few weeks for the hormones to settle down, so give it time.

Peeing in one spot:  You have a neutered bunny that you’ve just brought home, and he insists on peeing in one certain spot.  The easiest solution is to put a litter box there.  If that’s not an option, we recommend that you get some really good carpet (or whatever) cleaner and clean the area thoroughly.  It’s possible that another animal lived in the home, and their smell remains in that spot.  If you can remove all traces of that animal, that should satisfy your bunny.

Peeing outside the box:  There can be several reasons for this.  The first thing to do is to watch your rabbit. 

  • Is he hopping into the litter box to pee, but then peeing over the top?   This is a common problem with an easy solution.  Just buy a taller box!  There are plenty of types out there, but we suggest that you don’t get one of those triangular corner boxes because rabbits just don’t fit in the box well.  Until we start breeding triangular shaped bunnies, this type just isn’t the greatest choice.  Instead, get a box that is high on all four sides.
  • Is he having trouble hopping into the box?   Your rabbit may have a physical problem that precludes him hopping into the box without pain.   There are boxes out there that have lower lips for just this kind of problem, and that should help a lot.
  • Is he peeing just outside of the box?  Sometimes it will help if you clean the box more often.  Some bunnies are just more persnickety than others.  It could be that it hurts him to hop in and out of the box; it may be a medical problem.  Try keeping the litter box cleaner, and if  that doesn’t work, a vet visit may be warranted.
  • Is he dripping everywhere?  He may have a bladder infection or some other medical problem.  Visit your vet!
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