3.Rescue Resources

Although rabbits are the third most euthanized animal in the United States, not all animal control facilities take in rabbits, and those that do don’t always have the tools they need to facilitate their goals education and re-homing.  To this end, we have provided the following advice and paperwork in the hopes that this may help your group with its efforts.    Please feel free to download any of this information and make it your own.  Put on your organization’s header; add and delete things as you see fit.  And if you have any suggestions or requests for us, please contact us.

Thank you for looking after the bunnies!

Foster Bunny Vet Exams

Catching a Loose Rabbit

Forms for Shelters and Rescue Groups

Adopter Handouts for Shelters and Rescue Groups

Helpful Resources and Links

For general care information, go to the Answers for Owners Section of this website.

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