a.Preparing Your House

One of the most common house rabbit complaints is that the bunny destroyed the house, and this is very sad, because it’s mostly preventable.  Adopters should know ahead of time that bunnies are chewers and that the adopters must prepare and protect the house before the new rabbit comes home.

The other big complaint is that the rabbit just became a chore.  The family just wasn’t spending time with him.  This is another sad comment and one of the main reasons we recommend that rabbits live in the house.  If your bunny is locked up in a hutch outside or in a pen inside, he’s going to be both bored and boring.  Let him out to play!  Let him interact with you and become part of your family.  Get to know him, and let him love and entertain you.  If not, your rabbit really will become a chore:  a neglected chore.

Bunny Supplies

Living Arrangements

Below is a link to Make Mine Chocolate, a wonderful website devoted to rabbit care and to discouraging rabbits as Easter gifts.  This interactive game helps you make the right choices for your bunny’s home.  Have fun!

Interactive Pen Design

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