b.Caring for your Rabbit

Here’s a short list of the nicest things you can do for your bunny:

–  Get him neutered! He’ll be calmer, cleaner, smell better, and live longer.  Trust me; you’ll like him much better if he’s fixed.

–  Change his water every day, and keep his water and food bowls clean.  Bunnies essentially have no immune systems, so moldy bowls can make them very sick.

–  Give him unlimited amounts of fresh, clean grass hay.

–  Clean his litterbox often. He’ll eat more hay out of a clean box and be more willing to hang out there if it’s clean.

–  Let him out of his pen when you’re home. Both you and he will be happier if he is allowed to interact with you and become part of the family.

–  Feed him rabbit food, not people food, and keep the treats to a minimum.

–  Brush him often, especially when he’s shedding.  He’ll ingest any hair he licks off himself, and if the hay he eats doesn’t force it through, he can die from a hairball stuck in his intestine.

–  NEVER leave him alone outside.

On hot days, be sure he has a nice cool spot in the shade and plenty of fresh water.


The links below will take you to pages that will help you with the various aspects of rabbit care:



Behavior Issues

Health Issues

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