In general, an adult rabbit should eat:

  • unlimited grass hay:  orchard grass, timothy hay, oat hay, brome
  • NOT afalfa hay.  It’s got too many calories and calcium.  If you’d like to mix in a small bit now and then, it’s probably fine, unless your vet tells you otherwise.
  • 1/8 cup of timothy pellets twice a day.  Don’t buy the pellets with the dried banana, nuts, and seeds.
  • A small salad of at least three vegetables, preferably green leafies and about the size of your bunny’s head.  Try to include at least one vegetable with vitamin A each day.  See the vegetable list  for an in-depth list of veggies your rabbit can eat.  If you’re at the store without your list, the rule of thumb FOR GREENS ONLY is that if you can eat it RAW, so can your rabbit.  If it’s not a green or if people need to cook it for it to be edible, don’t get it unless you know it’s ok.
  • Optional:  a small piece of carrot or fruit once a day.  The rule of thumb is that treats should be no bigger than your thumb:  one strawberry; one baby carrot;  three or four raisins; a one-inch slice of banana.
  • Avoid all seeds, nuts, corn kernels, onion, potato, and processed sugars.  Don’t feed your rabbit people food, either.
  • Change the water every day!!!   For all intents and purposes, rabbits have no immune system, so a moldy water bowl can make them seriously ill.

Here’s a list of bunny-friendly vegetables:  Vegetable List

Below is a link to Make Mine Chocolate, a wonderful website devoted to rabbit care and to discouraging rabbits as Easter gifts.  This interactive game helps you make the right choices for your bunny’s meals.  Have fun!

Interactive Food Game

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