i.Recommended Sites about Rabbits

Here are some great sites that sell rabbit supplies:



busybunny.com  (Our favorite!)




Listed here are some of our favorite sites on rabbit care and rescue:

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary  A wonderful sanctuary in Stockton, CA that takes in homeless farm animals and specializes in house rabbits.

House Rabbit Society  A fantastic site for care information and local rabbit adoptions.  Find the chapter near you or cruise the site just for the fun of it.

Make Mine Chocolate!  In our opinion, the premier site about the plight of rabbits as Easter pets, from the Columbus, Ohio House Rabbit Society.

Rabbit Haven  One of the most successful rabbit adoption groups in the Bay Area, located in Santa Cruz, CA.

SaveABunny  An inspired and tireless rescue group located in Marin county, CA.

Animal Place  A farm animal sanctuary in Grass Valley.

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