b.Assessing a Problem

Is your bunny sick?  Is he hurt?  As prey animals, rabbits will hide their illnesses and injuries as much as they can, so it is up to you to pay attention to what is normal and to notice when things aren’t right.  Emergency:  if your rabbit hasn’t eaten or pooped in more than a day;  if he hunches up in pain; if he can’t move, doesn’t want to move, or starts dragging a limb.  Go to the vet right away.  In general, we recommend that if your rabbit seems sick and it’s morning, call your vet , describe the problem, and see if he or she can see you that same day.  If it’s evening, you need to decide whether to go to an emergency vet who won’t know rabbits as well as your regular vet or to wait until morning.

Keeping an Eye on Things:

–  Glance at the poops every day.   Poops should be large (up to 1/2 inch!), round, and relatively dry.  If the poops are usually fine, but are decreasing in size, getting mushy or wet, heads up!  Your bunny isn’t feeling well.

–  Watch food intake every day.  If your rabbit suddenly stops eating or is slowly decreasing how much he eats, there could be a problem.

–  Watch his attitude.  If your bunny is normally cheerful and energetic, but now he’s dull and glassy eyed, he doesn’t feel good.

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