Not every vet is a rabbit vet.  Rabbits are considered “exotic” animals, and your vet should be experienced in their treatment.  Find out how many rabbits they see each week and their neuter success rate, which should be very close to 100%.  If they only see a rabbit or two here and there, you’re probably better off finding someone more experienced. 

If you’re just looking for spay/neuter, know that prices vary hugely.  City of Palo Alto is the cheapest. (Be sure to ask for post-surgery pain meds, especially for a spay.)  When looking at prices, be sure you’re comparing apples to apples:  some fees include a pre-surgery physical exam and bloodwork; some include pain meds.

note:  East Bay S.P.C.A. is no longer providing rabbit neuters. 

For everything else, make an effort to find a good vet as soon as you adopt, and take your bunny in for an exam.  Many vets offer a free first visit to adopters, so call ahead to ask, and be sure to bring your adoption paperwork.

Below is an incomplete list of vets in the Bay Area who treat rabbits:

Area Code 925


Area Code 510


Area Code 650


Area Code 408


Area Code 831


Area Code 415


Area Code 707


Area Code 530

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