g.Rehoming Your Rabbit

Are you considering re-homing your rabbit?  Is there any way we can help you to keep him?  We may be able to help you with behavior issues, allergy problems, or financial assistance.  Contact your local rabbit rescue or us, and let’s try to work things out.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes families find that they can no longer care for their bunny properly, and there aren’t a lot of options for finding him a new home.  There are hundreds of homeless rabbits in the Bay Area who are looking for new homes, so your job won’t be easy.  Give yourself plenty of time to succeed.

  • The first option is to find a new family to take your rabbit.  Make a flyer with a color picture, and post it at the local pet supply stores, veterinary clinics, libraries, groceries, etc.  Let your friends and neighbors know that your bunny needs a new home, and be sure to ask for a nominal adoption fee of at least $20 so that the rabbit doesn’t end up as snake food.
  • Another option is to place an ad on Craigslist and/or your local newspapers.  Include a cute picture, and again, ask for a nominal adoption fee of at least $20.
  • Many animal control facilities will take in loose rabbits that have been caught, but they sometimes will not accept owner surrenders, so find out ahead of time before you bring them your rabbit.  Most have night drop boxes if you catch a bunny and need to deliver it after hours.
  • Most rescue groups are no-kill shelters, so they will not be able to take your rabbit.  Please don’t call and beg; they get those calls every day, and it is extremely disheartening for them, and there’s nothing they can do.
  • Under no circumstance should you let your rabbit loose in a field or elsewhere.  HE WILL DIE.
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