a.Foster Bunny Exam Appointments



The House Rabbit Society provides minor veterinary care for its foster bunnies and those of local rescues who work with HRS.  Foster exams are held at  HRS’ international headquarters on the first and third Sunday of each month from 9am – noon.   If you are an authorized fosterer and you would like to make an appointment, click on the link below.  We will get back to you with your scheduled appointment.  If it is after Friday afternoon, and you need an appointment for that same weekend, please call Karen J:  510-727-1589

If your foster bunny was seen at HRS and you just need a refill for a medicine that was prescribed at HRS, you can request one here:

Upcoming Appointments

March 19th

no appointments

April 2nd

9am:  Ozzie CCRR – bulging, pussy eye

9:30:  Sydney CCRR – teeth

10am: Jean CCRR – eye problems both eyes

10:30: Neo CCRR – attacked by dog; emaciated; broken leg:  fecal, bloodwork

11am: open

11:30: open

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