e.Catching a Loose Rabbit

It’s unfortunate that there are so few resources for people trying to re-home their rabbits, and setting them “free” is the worst possible solution.  However, we are often called upon to catch a bunny who is loose in a park/neighborhood/field/wherever, and it isn’t an easy task.

Ideally, your informant has given you the specific location that he has seen the rabbit, as well as a description.  If you can pinpoint where the rabbit hangs out, you can set up a live trap in the shrubs nearby and try to lure him in.  (Live traps can be borrowed or rented from many animal shelters, rescue groups, and rental companies.  Call first to make sure, though.)

Once you have a live trap, grab a rug, towel, sheet, or even a litter box that another bunny has been using.  If you can get a hold of a stuffed animal that is approximately the same size as a rabbit, take that, too.  Rub the stuffed animal on another rabbit or in his litter box to make it smell right.  Finally, you will want some tasty, smelly treat like banana, basil, or parsley.

At the site, set up the trap near where the rabbit is living.  Put as much of the trap as possible in a bush or something that will make it less human looking.  Line the bottom of the trap with the dirty rug/towel that your brought, and put the stuffed animal in the back of the trap with the smelly treats just in front of it.  We like to drape another towel over the cage to protect the rabbit a bit once he’s been caught.

If at all possible, situate yourself nearby:  near enough so that you can see what’s going on, but far enough so that you won’t scare the bunny.  If you can settle down and relax, you will be able to retrieve the trap as soon as you have the rabbit.  This is ideal, because the bunny is extremely vulnerable inside the trap: unable to run or hide, he could easily be killed by a predator.

If you can’t stay with the trap, arrange to have someone check it every hour or so, especially if it’s a hot day.  If that poor bunny is trapped in the sun, he’ll die.

Hope that helps.

Good luck!!!

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